Three Worst Hookup Stories

More and more adults choose hookup apps to look for their flirting objects. Here are really some reason why hook up is becoming more and more popular. For example , some users may use apps to get over their ex. After breaking up with their ex, they suffered great psychological damage and no longer believed in love, so they began to deliberately indulge themselves. And many people choose a one night stand to make up for their heart wounds. Some users may be in a serious relationship and they are mad at their lover and they are willing to choose a hookup dating to release their stress and sorrow. Anger can change a person. Generally, these people are outgoing and Impulsive. After quarreling with their lovers,they use hookup to calm down their mood. Also, some people are just looking for a one night stand. Sometimes , a hookup dating can be really awkward. Here are four worst hookup stories and I hope everyone can avoid this situation.

 No.1 When your hookup partners call you mom or dad. Nick, a 24-year-old boy met a girl known in a dating app. He thought the girl is hot and kind and then, they went to a hotel. However, the girl called him daddy. At that time, he said no because he really didn’t have a daddy fetish . But the girl insisted on calling him daddy. He was very angry and he stopped his action and then ,he left. Yes, we all admit that hookup is a pastime and we don’t really want to satisfy one’s daddy or mommy fetish. Mutual equity is also important in a one night stand.

 No.2 When you came to your partner’s apartment and their roommates heard everything. A girl called Nancy started a flirting dating with a stranger known in apps. The boy suggested her going to his apartment and Nancy said yes. But after she walked into his apartment, she found his roommate was at home. This could really be awkward. The first reason is that you are not familiar with the guy. Another reason is that the sound insulation effect of general apartments is not very good, and it is really embarrassing to be heard by strangers. Therefore, hope you can go to a hotel rather than go to his apartment.

No.3 When you hookup with a high school student. As you are hooking up with a stranger, you don’t know what is his/her real age. It can be awkward and illegal if you dated someone under illegal age. Vanessa, 25-year-old girl, was caught into prison. She didn’t know what happened until the police told her that she had slept with a teenager. She wouldn’t remember because her dating person told her that he was 21. Then, the police called that boy and reconfirmed the boy is 17. The boy’s mother found that the boy didn’t return home for a whole night and  under the pressure, the child said he had a one night stand with Vanessa. Now ,Vanessa cannot be more regretful!

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