Find Your love with Us - Xdate

Valentine's Day is coming. Are you still alone? Do you feel depressed when looking at others who have their own partners while you do not even have a one night hookup objects? Things will go different if you use Xdate. Xdate , a video chat app, focus on helping people find a person you can finally open up to or hook up with. 

  Nowadays, our adults are busy with our works and we only have little time to meet and know more friends in your real life. Based on this situation, the number of hookup apps has doubled in the past 10 years and we can see more and more people start to use chatting apps. Users are not satisfied with the previous messaging functions and they hope more functions like video chat can show up in the market. However, a few apps focus on this function. This is why we create Xdate.

  Xdate, a hookup video chat app , not only inherits the function of text, but also shows the powerful video function. According to the user's personal data, location, interests and other information, the team uses artificial intelligence matching to help users get to know new friends who have good feelings for each other. 

After you created your account, you can set your general information like you name ,age,sex orientation as well as your tag. About the filter, you should set according to your personal needs. If you are a straight boy who focus on appearance,you can set you like girls and you love the beauty. If you think the inner heart is more important, you can choose the tags of kindness as your favorite tag. Our team hopes to use artificial intelligence system to provide customized call service for users. We take every user’s feeling into deep consideration. After you match with your ideal partners, you can start a video chat. In this chatting, users can see their partners emotion and have a nice talk with them. In Addition, using video chatting can avoid meeting the liars who looks totally different from their photos.

Here are also three things our time what to remind our users. We hope every user can upload suitable and decent pictures and information. Any violent or dirty photos are not allowed to post . There are 24-hour continuous audit mechanism. Any fake users or illegal photos will be removed. The team will give you a warning  if the user does once and if he /she still do the same thing. The team will delete the user. Then, when you are 

having video chatting, our team hopes you can be polite. If your partner wants to end this chat, you should understand as we just use this app for fun. Next, we hope that you can complete you information as much as possible. It is better to answer our setting questions in your back-stage account. Lastly, we hope that users can be our friends and they can send a report to our team if you are offended by other users. Our team hopes every user can trustingly use this chatting app and plenty of fish dating site.