Tips for Casual Hookups You May Not Know

Many people hunt for casual hookups for excitement in the moment, but sometimes, the informal relationship will lead to many follow-up questions which are a bit nerve-wracking. It is no longer a taboo for single men and women to hook up with others casually. Whether you join in the fun on occasion, you need moderate physical venting, or you feel lonely and want to temporarily feel other’s hug and body temperature, as long as you understand the rules of casual hookups, you will not damage your reputation. What people fear most in an informal relationship is STD infection or sticking like a limpet after the event. If you’ve never tried to hook up with a lady or a guy, but want to have a try, it is necessary for you to know some tips, instead of using your body as an experiment for loneliness and curiosity.

Tips for Casual Hookups You May Not Know

1. At the beginning, figure out what you want. Never have a relationship with someone if you just break up, quarrel with your boyfriend, or feel particularly lonely. Anger or negative emotions will easily lead to uncontrolled reactions.

2. Don't get drunk before and after hookups.

3. Do not date your wink hookup partner afterwards so as to avoid generating feelings.

4. Talk about hook-up rules first. If you are completely unfamiliar with the other person, staying overnight will make you embarrassed. Therefore, you should state in advance that you will leave afterwards. 

5. If you decide to go to bed with the other person, let the other person come to your place instead of his place for safety reasons. 

6. To be too frank is a romantic killer. There should be reservations in everything, but it does not necessarily mean lying. A polite date hookup partner never asks too many personal questions, such as asking the other person how many women he has hooked up with.

7. Don't force yourself to do uncomfortable things during sleeping with the other person.

8. As soon as something is wrong, please refuse and leave immediately.

9. If a man invites you to stay overnight at his home, do not take his belongings with you. Similarly, do not leave any belongings in his residence.

10. Ask the other party to wear a condom, and don't take it off until the end. A safe hookup is the main principle of casual relationships. If you have a temporary intention, you must go to the convenience store to buy some condoms. Even if you have contraception, keep in mind that contraceptive pills and any intrauterine device cannot prevent STDs. Many people think that the purpose of a safe hookup is to prevent AIDS and pregnancy afterwards, but don't forget that annoying STDs are also potential threats.

11. If the other party refuses to wear a condom, do not have a relationship with him.

12. If you invite the other person to your residence, please put away your valuables and don't fall asleep on your own when the other person is awake.

13. Do not criticize the other person or give him suggestions about his performance in bed. 

14. You can lead in bed, or provide him with moderate guidance. The casual relationship is usually selfish, at this time you can free yourself as much as you want without overcaution and indecision.

15. If you think it is possible for you to keep a close contact with each other, you can text the other person to set a time and place for your next meeting. Don't treat your bed partner as your boyfriend. 

16. If the other person wants to take nude photos, decisively refuse his request. That's why you shouldn't get drunk, lose consciousness and allow others to do things at will.

17. If you don’t plan to meet your hookup partner again, don’t leave your phone number to him. If you like him very much, your hook-up process is pretty good, and you still want to have a relationship with him in the future, you can ask for his contact information. If he is unwilling to give you his phone number, you can seek another partner.

18. Don't expect the other person to call you after the event, and don't call the other person.

Final Words

In a casual hookup relationship, you should be polite and know how to protect yourself. If you want to try physical intimacy without responsibility and burden, you have to distinguish the difference between a dating partner and a hookup partner. Don’t take the other person’s hookup invitation as a dating or even emotional extension so as not to hurt yourself. Find the best plenty of fish dating site.